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Welcome to digitalpivots For Kids


digitalpivots is bringing awareness and driving adoption of blockchain, digital currencies, and digital media solutions through community meetups, education and partnerships across the globe. Each day our team delivers the most accurate and up-to-date news and educational content from the digital world.

Our Mission - Kids Division

Enhance the "T" in STEM by empowering our teens, educators and communities to accelerate their understanding, learning, and adoption of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Our Vision - Kids Division

Provide teens and communities with 24/7 virtual or physical access to ambassadors, educators and blockchain resources. Our goal is to provide a learning roadmap supported by the best insights, worldwide resources and the latest technologies in the blockchain and finance community.

The Future

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Every industry will see dramatic changes including automation across major sectors and industries. Our Ambassadors and Certified Bitcoin Professionals will introduce you to our Blockchain Learning Kit to improve your financial literacy – at your pace and materials delivered based on your preferences.

About our Network

Member of Bitcoin Branches US

digitalpivots LLC is a founding member of Bitcoin Branches US, one of the top-tier organizations in the cryptocurrency communities. Our network consists of more than 25 LLCs and 100 entreprenuers each with a unique talent in blockchain, crpytocurrency and other industries. We are partnering with blockchain companies and other affiliates to bring valuable resources and education materials to our communities.

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Our mission is supported by a strong commitment to our communities. We are dedicated to your education −turning consumers into investors and producers with a laser focus to help you increase your knowledge and financial wealth. As part of our commitment to our communities, our roadmap includes partnerships with local organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and global organizations to assist you with financial literacy, financial wellness tools, and blockchain resources.