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Help the kids in your community acquire a skill that matters!

Our Mission - Kids Division

Enhance the "T" in STEM by empowering our teens, educators and communities to accelerate their understanding, learning, and adoption of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Our Vision - Kids Division

Provide teens and communities with 24/7 virtual or physical access to ambassadors, educators and blockchain resources. Our goal is to provide a learning roadmap supported by the best insights, worldwide resources and the latest technologies in the blockchain and finance community.

The Future

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Every industry will see dramatic changes including automation across major sectors and industries. Our Ambassadors and Certified Bitcoin Professionals will introduce you to our Blockchain Learning Kit to improve your financial literacy – at your pace and materials delivered based on your preferences.

Interested in helping out?

Get involved. Buy our Blockchain Learning Kit for a child around you and 10% of all proceeds go to help the kids in the community. We are available 24/7 for your questions!

Donate. Donate to us to help educate the kids in the community. Acquiring a skill to help the kids become independent and build financial assets.

How can you support our cause?



Every dollar counts! Help the kids develop a skill for their life to help them move beyond the structure of life.


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Share our info on your social channels with #digitalpivotsforkids and get more kids involved! Start them young!

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